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Scope of Practice

  • I assess and provide therapy for the following presenting concerns:

    • anxiety (including social and generalized anxiety)​

    • obsessive thinking and compulsive behaviour

    • parenting-related stress

    • depression and related difficulties 

  • I do not provide therapy for the following presenting concerns:​

    • addictions​

    • chronic pain

    • eating disorders

    • gender dysphoria

    • insomnia

    • trauma (if that is primary concern)

  • ​I do not provide psychoeducational


If you are seeking services for your child and your primary concerns are related to developmental trauma, lack of motor coordination, social disconnectedness and/or behavioural dysregulation, it might be helpful to consult an occupational therapist.  Please email me if you'd like the contact information for a local occupational therapist (in the private sector) with expertise in these areas. ​ 

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