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Theoretical Orientation

  • My primary goal as a psychologist is to hear a client's story and be sure the client feels heard.  I aim to be nonjudgmental and authentic while providing trauma-informed care.

  • My approach reflects components from each of the following modalities:

  1. cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT)

  2. inference-based cognitive behaviour therapy (I-CBT)

  3. acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT)

  4. family systems therapy

  5. dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT)

  6. narrative therapy

  7. humanistic therapy

  • My work with clients that have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) focuses on:

  1. identifying the themes to a client's obsessions and compulsions,

  2. assessing the client's level of insight into the dysfunctional nature of their symptoms,

  3. assessing and improving the client's readiness to challenge their compulsive behaviour (including any mental rumination),

  4. using exposure and response prevention ("ERP") to help the client tolerate the anxiety evoked by their obsessions, and

  5. using principles of ACT and inference-based CBT to help the client change their mental and physical responses to obsessions.

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